St. Lucia carnival


Red Unlimited for St. Lucia Carnival 2019

Red Unlimited has finally released their costumes from since their launch of Persia earlier this month.  The feedback from the launch was not what I expected and some of the costumes left alot to look forward too.  The professional pics looks decent so let us hope that the fiasco I saw on the live is not actually what it will be on the road. Let us hear what you think of some of the costumes below, some are still missing…

St. Lucia Carnival Queen 2018-Earlyca Frederick

I call BS on them results....Tember should have placed...In my mind I did say that Ms FICS would have won considering the woman that was behind that show is married to the FICS family......who audited dem flipping results!   Now my review of the show in itself... The show was good would have even been better if it was broadcasted by ChoiceTv...HTS so long yall in the business and dais de shit yall put out for an international better…

Insaniti Carnival Band Presents Royalty, Ancient Origins for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

Insaniti Carnival Band launched earlier this month and have finally put out their costume with prices.  Go visit their IG page for more information on registration. Insaniticarnival Instagram xoxo Meli Mel SN: I think the photographer should have used a better lighting for these photos....these costumes look gorgeous but the pictures don't seem to give them any justice and there was too much of a heavy hand on de photoshop (but dais my opinion eh, so doh study me) 


Is like I doh even know where to start...from de time I get the picture of my costume I was fuming....Ok let me drop the positives before I start on de damn negatives eh...maybe by then I would have calmed down a bit.  Also  a pic of what is in my goodie bag, quelle blag oui: Bag by Meme Bete and Aveeno lotion...dais all I see and some typical crap.  Now back to the matter at hand! My costume was…