Is like I doh even know where to start…from de time I get the picture of my costume I was fuming….Ok let me drop the positives before I start on de damn negatives eh…maybe by then I would have calmed down a bit.  Also  a pic of what is in my goodie bag, quelle blag oui:


Bag by Meme Bete and Aveeno lotion…dais all I see and some typical crap.  Now back to the matter at hand!

  • My costume was delivered to my friend way before I even reach St. Lucia
  • The headpiece is absolutely beautiful
  • The panty although I requested a medium, the label on it says XL but it fits perfectly (dis was a hit or miss eh, but I go put it in positive)
  • Everything else was ok…not wowed but ok.

Now the 2 biggest negatives and I really want to know what happened.

Gems falling off my bra already and I haven’t even tried it on.  Then it is missing parts based off what I see in the prototype.  I understand gems go fall eh, but this is a facking VVIP section……shit should be on point like the other costumes I have had and played with and travelled with and not one gem have fallen off….now what happen to meh facking fedders that comes down in the middle of the bra like the prototype had?????

My other negative, yall just go and change up pants on the men….my husband purposely went to buy a shoe that would match the shorts pictured on yall flipping website and coming here we getting some journen kweyol looking pants dat not even matching he shoes… fack? And doh come and play oh it’s brand name eidder uh.  We make an investment in playing mas in St. Lucia and like I said earlier we are not expecting perfection but come on man.  Both my husband and I have brought mas so we have always been understanding of this process but today I am highly disappointed in Just 4 Fun and I really hope my experience on the road will make up for me having to come and work on my costume.


Meli Mel

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