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Ramajay Mas for Labor Day (New York)

Ramajay Mas had their launching earlier this month and I can see why they are the Reigning Band of the Year for 2017...Everytime I hear the name of the band, I always sing Ramajay by Machel Montano (I think that song was written for them oui, lol). This year for sure they didn't come out to play and according to Machel, they eh care what nobody say cause they came to Ramajay. So what yall think of these costumes....they too…

New Color Alert: Italian Pink by DND

This week I feel a little girly, so went a little out of my norm with pink and also a design...I have never had any designs in the past, just give me my polish and done.  My nail tech Vivian wanted to be adventurous with me (I was skeptical when the guy who did my last set wasn't there and she said she can do my nails...let's just say she have just gotten a regular).  Anyway, like the title of…

New Color Alert: Season Beige by DND

So after almost 2 years of not visiting the nail salon, I decided to give it a try again. Remember my last ordeal here. This time around, I have decided to take little breaks in between and let my natural nail breathe instead of continuous visits.   So for my reentry (if you want to call it that, or my prodigal journey back) I chose a safe color and length. Wish me luck. (Don't worry, y'all will be getting updates) xoxoxo…

Insaniti Carnival Band Presents Royalty, Ancient Origins for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

Insaniti Carnival Band launched earlier this month and have finally put out their costume with prices.  Go visit their IG page for more information on registration. Insaniticarnival Instagram xoxo Meli Mel SN: I think the photographer should have used a better lighting for these photos....these costumes look gorgeous but the pictures don't seem to give them any justice and there was too much of a heavy hand on de photoshop (but dais my opinion eh, so doh study me)