Red Unlimited for St. Lucia Carnival 2019

Red Unlimited has finally released their costumes from since their launch of Persia earlier this month.  The feedback from the launch was not what I expected and some of the costumes left alot to look forward too.  The professional pics looks decent so let us hope that the fiasco I saw on the live is not actually what it will be on the road. Let us hear what you think of some of the costumes below, some are still missing from what I saw from the launch:

Cyrus & Cassandane
Cyrus & Cassandane

For more information on registration, pricing and perhaps more costumes, visit their social media pages:

RedUnlimited IG

Red Unlimited Facebook


Meli Mel

PS: Red Unlimited I don’t know what or who yall changed, but honestly yall need to go back to last year’s designer….(IJS eh)

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