Beauty Tidbits


New Color Alert: Diva in Distress

This diva is truly stepping out her box and even got a glitter mood changing color....vavavoom... Putting mood changing colors gives me a 3-in-1 color and I like seeing the changes..I think this has been one of my favorite colors to date and it also looks like a french manicure at times when the tip starts getting darker. See the pics below and tell me what y'all think: xoxoxo Meli Mel

New Color Alert: Green Light, Go!

My daring self is getting bolder and have now moved on to mood changing colors.  The last color I had still had people speaking about it up to today.  I will let the pictures speak for itself. So when it gets cold, it gets darker and when it is warm it gets lighter. If you look closely u can see the second pic is a bit darker than the last one. What do you guys think of the color? xoxoxo…

New Color Alert: Dip polish No. 134

So yes I will say that I am sticking to putting dip powder on my nails.  Although I went to get a soak off and new color 10 days later, I felt that it could have gone for another week but my nails were really long and I was having difficulties typing and one nail was actually hurting because of the length. Once again I stepped out of my normal boundaries and got a bright color and considering it is…

New Nails…who dis

This is how I felt walking into this new place.  From the last experience and my ugly nails at the last place, I have been doing research and finally settled on this place because they were the only ones that did the dip nails that I wanted to try and also with dip nails you can opt out of using the metal drill. So I got this from NuGenesis website: "NuGenesis Nails is non-toxic and odor free, with no harmful…