Miami Broward Carnival 2018 Part 2

Miami Carnival was definitely an experience and if you missed it well prepare yourself for next year.  In the meantime you can view the below album of all the colors, shapes, sizes because that is what carnival is about.  Freedom! Freedom to be happy from all your stresses, from your daily lives and just be happy and getting on with sweet soca music. Miami Carnival 2k18 Album xoxoxo Meli Mel

Miami-Broward Carnival 2018

Miami Carnival is done and bands are going back to the drawing boards, some to revel in their success and some to have serious thoughts on re-grouping or looking to see what went wrong and how they can fix it.  Revelers are still upset at some bands (Ramajay Mas for instance) for not coming through as expected.  Apparently maybe through miscommunication or whatever, some revelers did not get their costumes and are being very vocal about it, they have even…

Miami Broward Jouvert 2018

This is my first time covering and also attending Miami Broward Jouvert, so I really did not know what to expect.  It was raining very heavily in Broward and had to drive around plenty to find parking. (That is my only qualm about this venue). There was a total of 24 Jouvert bands and although it is not the typical Jouvert like it is done in the Caribbean it really was an excellent event.  For those of you that maybe…

New Color Alert: Diva in Distress

This diva is truly stepping out her box and even got a glitter mood changing color....vavavoom... Putting mood changing colors gives me a 3-in-1 color and I like seeing the changes..I think this has been one of my favorite colors to date and it also looks like a french manicure at times when the tip starts getting darker. See the pics below and tell me what y'all think: xoxoxo Meli Mel