Legends Carnival Band


Legends Carnival Band Presents Cheers to 5 for St. Lucia Carnival 2018

Now this is what you call a band launch by St. Lucia standards.  I thought Red Unlimited was different on the weekend but this one set the bar.  And boy is the bar set for Legends Carnival Band.  Let me tell you, from the time this band came out, I was never impressed with any of their costumes but this year they really gave it their all and did their homework well.  Normally a band would launch and you have…

Legends Carnival Band Launch for St. Lucia Carnival 2017

Legends Carnival Band is portraying Illusions of Bombay this year for St. Lucia Carnival 2017. Here are some of their costumes that I must say look very nice.  Legends have been improving in the mas business, kudos to them. Stay tuned to their social media accounts on information about registration, prices, etc., Legendscarnival Facebook Legendscarnival Instagram xoxoxo Meli Mel

Legends Carnival Band Costumes

Legends carnival band revealed their costumes tonight. Here are some sneak pics, more details can be seen on their website. I liking the purple without that thing on my face though but it need more fedders. The silver is also very beautiful, looks sheer so ummmm yeah. Check our their website for more pics http://www.legends-carnival.com/ xoxoxo Meli Mel