St. Lucia Carnival Tuesday 2023

Now as I late deh Fuzion better not run out of alcohol at all cause they go get me pissed off

I should’ve really taken my mommy band & cup and jumped with J4Fun. She did tell me to do that ih but my head hard I insist that I wanted to stay in my band….jusso now check me

Jah, de highway have traffic

Backroad have traffic, it’s best I had just stayed at my home. Well at least backroad traffic moving a little

Okay, we come out of Corinth, and the officer let us pass 

Fuzion all Vigie and I just reaching

All bands moved by Mega J already 

They have how much revelers still coming 

Okay we catch up to Xuvo 

I eh even know if Fuzion still by Vigie they probably coming up the road now 

Okay I catch up to J4Fun so at least my boo can get me a drink and some food

Big up the J4Fun aunties that share their food with me when I reach by J4Fun

I finally catch 🆙 with Fuzion, they were all in town by the round-a-bout 

The bands flew down the road so fast 

Everybody we pass complaining about how fast the bands were moving 

Honestly, day 2 was all about catching up with the band. I barely had time to take photos (anyways, some of them Tuesday wears was not much to see)

By the time I finally caught up, I just wanted to free up myself

In 2019 I walked home after we crossed the stage, so I must say going back up was nice (once my head was bad). When the rain started falling that was the best. 

We need to find a way to have a seamless carnival. Not be late or rushing so the revelers can enjoy the road from start to finish. I don’t know if they (the bands) have to start getting fined for being late on day 1 or if they need to cut off bands at a certain size but some things gotta give.



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