Lupus Awareness Day 2019

This post is for everyone who suffers from this disease but most importantly for the few women I have in my life that embodies the word WARRIOR!  They have and are still fighting LUPUS and through God’s grace I know that they will persevere. Read more about some of my warriors here: Felicia Leon: Persevering […]

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Free the tatas

Today I did something so exhilarating…….I went out without a bra….headlights out and all…Lately I have been so tired of bras and feel that I am choking with them on (they are the right size). Last week it was so bad, I took that shit off in my office (I had on a jacket). As […]

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Ahhh the struggles

So if you know me long enough, you know I have been complaining about my belly and sometimes I complain about my weight which really I shouldn’t.  Now I don’t want to lose weight at all just that dreaded belly pudge…like go away belly, why must you make me suffer! I tried using a waist […]

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