What is the fascination with baby showers?

Recently I was invited to a baby shower and despite me telling this person way before she was even pregnant that I don't do nor do I believe in baby showers to never invite me to one. I guess she thought she had the magical touch to make me change my mind and still invited me to hers and send me a reminder after I ignored the first one...uhh no I don't do showers and I am not coming to…

Victoria’s Secret has bumped their head

So in the past months, there has been news that Victoria's Secret has been going down a spiral trend and are looking to close some stores.  Not sure what is hurting them and honestly I don't care but if yall are trying to cater to ladies, yall should have at least make things affordable to us or even give us good quality. Take a look at some of the newer panties or bras that they are making, the quality is…

Lupus Awareness Day 2019

This post is for everyone who suffers from this disease but most importantly for the few women I have in my life that embodies the word WARRIOR!  They have and are still fighting LUPUS and through God's grace I know that they will persevere. Read more about some of my warriors here: xoxoxo Meli Mel

Royalites Xtreme for St. Lucia Carnival 2019

Royalites Xtreme presents Conquered this year for St. Lucia Carnival 2019. They are also celebrating 10 years of bringing mas. Here are a few of their costumes with prices: I love the headpieces for the Aztec Eagle Warrior and Conquered men costumes (not sure how long dem guys will keep it on their head doh but I love it) Congratulations to Royalites Xtreme on their 10 year anniversary! Follow their Facebook and IG pages for updates and info on registration.…