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Giving Back

This weekend I read a very uplifting story on entitled Childhood Donation.  The kids of the Early Childhood Services Unit collected over three thousand dollars to give to the Child Development and Guidance Centre.  The Child Development and Guidance Centre is located in La Pansee, Castries, St. Lucia and is run by a former schoolmate, Dr. Kim Gardner. These kids with the help of their parents donated one dollar each to such a worthy cause and it made me realize…

Cherishing and Documenting Memories

I have always had albums growing up but with technology changing, people no longer have physical albums or even develop films as much as they used to back in the day.  Instead you can get some digital frames or people store their memories on their computer or social networks or it just stays on their camera. I love documenting important moments in my life, so I still send pictures to Walgreens to develop.  When I transfer pictures from my phone…

Feature: On the Menu St. Lucia

My high school classmate and husband recently started out this informative and wonderful website, which features and celebrates St. Lucia cuisine.  The website was created for food lovers and enthusiasts to sample our cuisine.  It offers traditional, authentic and modern St. Lucian recipes. Take a look at their website and like their Facebook Page. Enjoy and don’t blame me if yall mouth’s start watering, I know mine is :) Good Job C and hubby!

Know which side your bread is buttered!

A coworker and his family wanted an island vacation and the wife chose St. Lucia.  He came to me for recommendations for hotel and I told him to check out Bay Gardens Resort, since he wanted to be on the beach and also for the fact that Bay Gardens was locally owned.   I had never seen someone so excited about going on vacation.  A whole month before the scheduled departure that was all he was talking about, asking me questions…