To cut or not to cut….

And that is the question…but what is the answer.

After 3 years or so of having locs, I am really contemplating on combing them out.

Yeah it sounds crazy right, but anyone that knows me know that when it comes to hair, my motto is “It is just hair”.  I hate perms so that is not an option and if I do go down that road, I will have to decide on what I am going to do with it before I even think of combing it out.

And I know some of you are wondering whether locs can be combed out and my answer to that is yes.  A friend of mine did it a few years back and I also found another blogger who did it too.  According to the little research that I have done on it, it is a very tedious process, but isn’t life a tedious process too.

Until then wish me luck with my thoughts and decision.


Yep its only hair go hard or go home…i love mine but my mom has been beggin me to get rid of them…shes sent me a few articles on come outs but not me im happy with my hair…i say do it lol


I am a little afraid honestly Kim, because now is get up and go in the mornings and no heavy maintenance per se, but then when locs go what I going to do every morning…I already does reach de people work real late as it is already, lol


LOL I trust you know what you are doing. When I cut my locs the first time I felt immediate remorse. Not again for me. I will go into the next life with locs.


Lol Conscious, well the man has put down his feet and say no to cutting or combing out….ah hope he eh want to start charging me when I wake him up every morning to put them up for me lol


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