Loc Styles I Like

So since my husband says no to combing out the locs (he loves it, while I secretly think he is thinking that he don’t want to see me fighting with my hair every morning and cussing up de place); I decided to look for hairstyles that compliments my length.  I am not a fan of all the regal styles so it was a bit hard in my opinion to get some images.  I like simplicity and thankfully my hair has grown long enough to take my favorite hairstyle (one plait).  When I used to perm my hair eons ago, the hair-dresser would ask me how would you like it styled, and my answer would be one plait.

I found this style and I love it, although it looks like it was shaped/cut into the style.

Photo credit: www.perfectlocks.com

This one below just looks so picture perfect, her makeup is also flawless

Photo credit: http://www.realbeauty.com/hair/black/black-natural-hairstyles#slide-4

This is my favorite style, I  just need to learn how to  perfect the front to keep it together.

In doing research, I also found this site: http://locdlife.wordpress.com/ I will definitely be following them, they have so much information for locs.


Love dem all but i think the first one would look fab on u- jus my 2 cents n im glad herc tell u no!!! Lol


Thanks Kim, I may dare to try it a day…lol and hush with the last part, lol


Is like you change your mind about cutting… Hahaha
Nice styles though. I think they would all go good with you.


For now oui, I still tempted to cut it at times but for now will try styles and go from there.


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