Charlie’s Fashion/Bleached out Jeans

August 7, 2012

So lately I have been seeing these acid wash jeans in stores.  Look like they are coming back in style, and I am sorry,  I never was a fan back then and still not a fan now.  But anyway, last week my creative and artistic daughter decided to waste her grandmother bleach (lol) because she saying she designing some old jeans she have..…the place was all smelling of bleach, then she comes home with it for me to wash for her…teenagers I tell you eh..

Anyway these are the outcome of the jeans, she also did for her aunt as well…the embellishments are all my little carnival and scrap-booking supplies she dig into as well….she used bleach and in the tie-dyed method did the jeans and also used a glue gun to add the embellishments.

Ent my child and her aunty 🙂 have skills.

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