Work Conference in Santa Fe, NM

In as much as I love to go on a plane, I hate traveling for work.  I want to go on a plane for vacation, to go to the beach or sightsee not to go work. When my Director told me I was registered to go to this conference, I was a little excited because 1. it was a new learning experience and 2. it was a new location to discover.

Anyway fast forward to the day, I arrive at the Santa Fe airport and hearing that the weather was in the 40’s…uhhh Mr. Pilot what did you say?  Little old me didn’t bother to check the weather before I left because in my mind, I am going to the desert, it ent cold there….oh boy!  In my luggage was just blazers and long pants for the conference, I even took a nice black sleeveless dress to go to a cocktail (that didn’t even make it out my suitcase eh)

I get to the airport and I was like aa where the rest of it, if you think GFL is small, this one is nothing compared, lol.  

Here are some of the sights I saw since my slow butt didn’t check the weather, I was not about to venture out after the conference which was always late when the sun went down.  I did go to a very nice gallery called Galerie Zuger which had the most amazing and I must add expensive work of art. Unfortunately no cameras were allowed so I couldn’t take any pics, bummer 🙁

I zoomed in to take a pic of the snow, sigh

I stayed at the beautiful El Dorado Hotel and Spa, I discovered after from a doo-doo darling, that there were accras on the menu (I was so vex that I didn’t see that).  Some pics of inside the hotel and my room:


This bar had Campari (why do people like that nasty drink is beyond me, lol)

Loved this painting

I had dinner by my lonesome self at the Old House Restaurant and I must say that I had a hard time choosing what to eat because everything looked so delicious.  Ended up choosing the Filet Mignon and mojito to wash it down;  as I am typing this up, I feel for some…Finger licking good was not the word.

Lunch from the conference (yall know I look food)

(need to work on my selfie game)

A view of Miami from the plane

Santa Fe is definitely on my to-visit list again when it is warmer to just explore.  Something about the place and its history spoke to me.


Meli Mel

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