The Little Things We Do Can Make a Difference

It’s always the little things that makes someone day.  When you think that something is so trivial it could be really huge for someone.  My last night in Santa Fe and I decided I didn’t want to go down to the restaurant for dinner, so I ordered room service….it was a delicious meal btw…see pic below.


When the waiter came in, I handed her $4 and said the usual thanks and customary greeting.  This girl was so happy when she looked at how much I gave her and honestly looked like she wanted to cry.  She goes OMG, thank you, you just bought me dinner; although I get paid tomorrow I was broke.  She stayed in the room for a minute and was just speaking to me.  I was a bit taken back and just said oh it’s nothing.  My mom worked in the industry so trust me I know the importance of tipping.  She goes well honestly around here that is not the norm.

Even last night, we had a Sangria reception (my favorite thing of course) and I notice the bartender had a tip jar there and only $1 was in it.  I dropped in 2 after she served me and she goes “bless you, sweetie”…by then end of the night her jar was full, even my Director left to get her wallet in order to tip her.

I mean what is wrong with tipping if you are getting a good service.  My mother worked in the service industry for years and I saw her managing her tips and being able to do so much on tips and she also taught us the importance of tipping and being nice to the people that serve us.  Of course she has given me the horror stories of what she has seen done to guests that are rude and inconsiderate and trust me I will not share, lol.

So if there is one thing you can take my from little ramblings, is to be nice to service industry workers and tip them well.


Meli Mel

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