What are your goals for November?

Can you believe it….we are in the 11th month of the year already…I couldn’t wait for 2017 to be over and now here it is almost over.  For me, 2017 came with a new job, weight gain, knee pains and many other challenging, stressful and sometimes exciting things. Instead of coming up with a New Year’s resolution I am coming up with some attainable goals and although I am starting late, I am still starting.  November is my birth month so it is to me the best month in the year (other November borns may say the same and we are all correct).

So my attainable goals for this month would be:

  1. Do at least 10 minutes of exercise everyday.

I bought the Simply Fit board and I have been incorporating a few minutes of exercises everyday with it.  My goal for this month is to do more than a few minutes, at least 10-15 minutes.  Today I used the medicine ball with it, while spinning, I held the ball in my hands, then I kept the board stationary and did some 45 degree squats.  I also did some up, middle, down lifting of the ball whilst balancing myself on the board.  We will see how that goes!

2. Eating healthier.

I have also started eating a bit healthier and started cutting out sweets in my diet (that for me is some baby steps because I love sweets).

I started my healthy journey with this plate. Quinoa with sauteed onions and peppers and the chicken was done in the air-fryer.

(Don’t study the corona, please….remember it is baby steps for me)

Brown rice and quinoa with baked salmon (hubby prepared the salmon)

3. My last goal for this month, is to be more active on this blog.  Sometimes I get so caught up with school, work and family life that I just don’t feel to blog or share.  Since I have written this goal out, I will do my best to fulfill it 🙂 

So what are your goals for this month, if you have any at all…

P.S. Remember we are in the best month of the year….oh wait, I said that already uh…


Meli Mel


Good reminder!
Gotta get my health in check. Having that child did a number on me. So I want to get stronger and avoid some cardiac and kidney issues getting worse. So, reduce sweets too. Do yoga 15 mins each day. Strength training every other day. Drink more damn water.
Build up my client base again. Again, taking time off to have the baby resulted in lost of two big clients. Now, I want to focus on quality clients that I enjoy working with and dont grit my teeth when the phone rings.
Work smarter not harder. Hire an employee to help manage the work load so I can spend time with Pumpkin.
Bake more – and get paid to do it.
And meditate for 10 mins each day to reduce stress.
I think those are bit size pieces I can actually do from now to the end of December!


I love it. Bummer on the clients part. But I know you got this!


Definitely a bummer on the client part. Those _____ ain’t loyal lol
But onwards and upwards!


?? exactly…That’s the spirit

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