I am Woman: Breaks the silence of women suffering

Helen Reddy sang it best when she said the following from her song,

“Oh yes, I am wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, I’ve paid the price
But look how much I gained…”

Today’s feature is on Loverly Sheridan out of the beautiful country of St. Lucia.  Loverly had her latest book launch on November 12, 2017, I AM WOMAN.  The book is a compilation of some thought-provoking stories from women around the world, in other words real women giving their real story.  Ms. Globetrotter Loverly has visited many countries and she discovered one common denominator through many various encounters with women.  According to her women all have similar stories of heartache, betrayal, abuse, trauma, rejection, and failure and think they are the only ones going through it and suffer in silence. Loverly is of the belief that every woman has a story that only she that woman could tell and thus came the book.

I think this book came at a pivotal time with so many people in Hollywood coming forth to put their demons to pasture, and if you have been hiding under a rock (like I want to do right now), just google the #MeToo campaign. Many people not women alone, hide behind that mask and one day I believe we must truly let go and reveal what is behind that mask, because only then we can be truly happy.

“I believe the #MeToo campaign is more than just women coming forward on sexual abuse issues; it is also about encouraging women who have experienced other trauma and hardships — giving them a common thread that they are not alone,” said Loverly. “And their ability to overcome anything despite all odds is undeniable. For centuries, women have been oppressed in one way or another. Their voices have been denied on issues affecting them and even their bodies. Through personal evolution and social activism, they have broken barriers, but every single day, millions of women continue to remain silent in their suffering. Although they have come so far, many women still do not think that it is acceptable to speak out loud about the issues affecting them, for fear of being judged, condemned and labeled, and in some cases even ostracized from society.”

The books are available on Amazon and the Book Cellar.

Click here to purchase I am Woman on Amazon

You can visit her website for more information about the lovely Loverly Sheridan or visit her Facebook page.

Loverly Sheridan’s website

I AM WOMAN Facebook page

Some pics from the launch:

I am so excited and can’t wait to get my already ordered book, make sure you get a copy of the book.


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