How I fought the pacifier and almost lost :)

Well as most of you readers know I have a 2 year old toddler, Mr. X.  Mr. X loves his pacifier, he calls it “baba”, why baba, I have no idea but we go with the flow.  Well we have been trying to wean him off the pacifier because we notice the way he pronounces certain letters sounds like when he has it in his mouth and then his teeth is starting to shape out in the form of the pacifier, somewhat.  I almost lost that battle last night.  He was a bit whiny and wanted it so I told him I threw it in the garbage (it is hidden, just in case) so he goes what about the blue one, I said I threw that one too.  Meanwhile I am stifling a laughter cause he sounded so cute asking for them, but I will not let that cuteness fool me.  He calmed down and hugged his little elephant toy blankie and laid on me while watching his favorite show Blaze the monster truck until he fell asleep.

So I felt yes, I have defeated the pacifier, until I decided to move him to put on his night clothes and he gets up and wants his “baba”….let’s just say after that it was not pretty.  I offered my laptop,  my tablet, his tablet, my phone and he wasn’t hearing it at all.  Snort nose crying and stifling cries was all I got….at this point I just wanted to stick the pacifier in his mouth and call it George….but I said no, you are going to be strong, let him cry…he is exercising his lungs.  I then had to compromise by letting him take over the tv, (so I didn’t get to watch any of my shows last  night) and then he still wanted my tablet and his tablet…So now this 2 year old is using 3 devices at 9 pm in the night just because he did not get his pacifier to make him sleep.  Did I want to lose the battle and give him the “baba” so that he can sleep…You bet I did.  But guess what I did….

I turned right around and went to read on my phone and let him have his way with the devices instead of giving in to the pacifier…btw…he was watching and playing all educational stuff (this is for these nazi parents that don’t do devices)

Another battle won for now, many more to fight.

How did yall win the pacifier or finger sucking battle?


These were the first set he had that was introduced in the hospital

These are now the dreaded “baba’s” (the devils that almost made me lose my sanity last night, lol)


Meli Mel

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