Ways to Instantly declutter

Happy Friday!

You have made it to the end of another week and going into another weekend. So what do you have on your to do list for the weekend? Are we resting or cleaning….Look at that bookshelf with old magazines! I think you should declutter this weekend, cause I know I am.

I have compiled a big list of things that you can throw away one time and bam, instant declutter, lol.

  1.  Old Perfume
  2. Burnt out candles
  3. Old magazines
  4. Old couch pillows
  5. Movies you don’t watch
  6.  Games with missing pieces (really what you keeping that for)
  7.  Old books
  8.  Broken makeup (throw it sis)
  9. Old nail polish (the ones that the oil separating, yes sis, throw that)
  10. Old toothbrushes (unless you using one to slick down the edges)
  11. Towels with holes
  12. Anything you haven’t used in the last 6 months (some can be extreme and say 3 months)
  13. No matching socks
  14. Those holey socks (yes throw them, don’t say you going to sew them either)
  15. Underwear with holes
  16. Clothes you haven’t worn in years (I would say at least a year)
  17. Clothes that don’t fit (especially if you are not working out….you not going to lose that weight…throw it out/give away)
  18. Earrings without the matching side
  19. Old ties
  20. Old belts
  21. Old purses
  22. Old hats and gloves
  23.  Worn out shoes
  24. Old pillows
  25. Expired food and medicine
  26. Old and expired coupons
  27. Old manuals that you no longer have the product for
  28. Broken toys
  29. Anything with missing pieces
  30. Rags with holes
  31. Puzzles with missing pieces
  32. Anything you have too much of
  33. Excess tupperwares
  34. Things that the kids don’t play with
  35. Old recipe cards

Off this list, I have checked off at least half. I have been debating about my recipe cards that I haven’t used in years because it is so easy to just google a recipe.  I did the first step of taking them off the shelf and put in a box.  Now the next step is to throw or give away that box.  Baby steps for me on that one.  Last week I went through my underwear drawers and got rid of alot of old panties and also did the closet.

So what do you think you will be checking off this list? Tell me anything else you think I missed?

Happy decluttering!


Meli Mel


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