Is Walmart stepping up their game?

So last week I went to Walmart to pick up 1 item, I ended up walking out with 5 bags if not more and I am still in shock.  This used to happen to me at Target not Walmart.  I could have walked into Walmart and turned right around if I didn’t find what I needed, at Target I could walk in and not find what I wanted and still walked out with something.

Walmart has surely stepped up their game if they impressed me enough to get more than what I came for.  I still can’t buy certain foods at Walmart though, I will stick to just the household stuff and all the pretty home goods they have.

This was one of my finds and guess what, I paid only $5 for one.


And since yall know that I have been battling my nails, I saw these little beauties although the force was with me and I stood strong and didn’t get any because that is not what I came for 🙂




So guys next time yall go to Walmart, don’t let them get you….get in, get what you came for and run out…Walmart has now joined the ranks of Target….they are the devil.  What are yall experience like, do share!


Meli Mel


Lmbo @ they are the devil!!


Lol because they are ??


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