Doh ask me dat!!

This weekend well tomorrow is Miami Carnival Parade.  Thank God we were spared by Hurricane (the name I never liked and will not mention) but yall know who I talking about.  The feteing can go on for everyone who came from near and far to have fun.

My post today is not so much about Miami carnival but more of comments I see on people’s well parents timeline that partying.  Why when people see parents feteing they like to ask where the kids or the baby…ummm de kids or baby went to buy ah drink or no dem in front de stage…obviously de chirren not at de fete and de parents responsible enough to have the kids with a sitter or with family.

Everytime I see a parent post a picture, someone must have a question, where de baby or where you leave de baby?….Dais yall business or yall want to babysit?  Why yall doh tell de mummy and daddy have some real deserved fun nuh!

I have been meaning to write this post for a minute cause I remember after I had the baby someone came to ask me that while I was jumping carnival…honestly I wanted to say de baby in de odder section playing in de VIP but I didn’t want to hurt the person’s feelings.

So people be mindful of asking these kinds of questions especially to me cause yall know my mouth eh have no brakes and de next time I wouldn’t care about hurting feelings or maybe I would be drunk enough and just not think twice to say what come out of my mouth although I eh need liquor to help me with dat eh…


In the meantime check out MiamiBrowardOneCarnival Facebook for updates, pics or videos of the event.


Meli Mel

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