How to be the best you and receive blessings in return!

Being the best you and just being kind to someone, anyone it doesn’t matter who, could have a lasting effect on them and also on you.  Today I received something in the mail that put a smile on my face and although this post has been in the making, I felt more motivated to write it faster.

There are many different things that you can do to make life easier for someone, it doesn’t have to have a price tag on it or even be big, the smallest thing like just being there for them would be sufficient enough.

Here are some good examples that can just make someone’s day:

  1. Holding the elevator or the door for them. You never see you in a rush to get to the elevator and the person in it see you rushing but still close the door, then that feeling you get when someone actually holds the elevator even if you are still far off.
  2. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Today could be that day when this person really needed to hear your voice or just a voice.
  3. For those of you who like Starbucks, pay for the person coffee behind you and tell them to pay it forward.
  4. Pay someone a compliment!
  5. Buy a just because gift for someone. I have come across people who have said that they never receive gifts and when they do get some random gift you can see the look on their faces.
  6. Donate unwanted items to someone that is in need.

You never know what someone is going through and any one of these examples, which I am sure there are many more that can be added can just make their day.  So today or any day, be nice to someone and just see the blessings you will get.


This note just made my day…the conversation after was a little tear-jerking, so I won’t share the screenshot 🙂


Saying a simple thank you can also make someone’s day and put a smile on their face!



Doing something for yourself is also a picker-upper.  We tend to put ourselves last and sometimes we have to do for ourselves in order to make other people happy.

Have a great Tuesday yall and be nice and kind to someone.


Meli Mel


i totally agree!


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