Vive La Rose

Yesterday some of my country folks celebrated the La Rose Festival; one of the 2 flower festivals. La Rose Festival is celebrated on 30th August and Marguerite Festival is celebrated in October.  Over the years, in my opinion the festival has changed maybe since I am not involved in it as I used to be but when I see clippings of it, it looks so different from what I used to know.

The festival takes place around the island with various fetes and parades, with the participants dressed up as kings, queens, soldiers, policemen, princes and princesses, nurses, magistrates, judges, clergy and also the supporters.  The chantwelle (lead female singer) composes and sings many songs during the seance (mainly nightly singing practices) and throughout the festival.  The songs are sung in creole with background instrumentals like the banjo, violins and traditional St. Lucian instruments.

I was recently tagged in a few videos done by Nobbie16 and this is the first time I have seen it celebrated out of the country and got goosebumps and felt so proud of my fellow country-men.

Hopefully, the younger generation can embrace this part of our culture and continue to make it evolve.


Meli Mel

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