Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend to all! What have you guys and gals been up to?

Can you believe as of today it is only 117 days left until Christmas? Halloween costumes are already in stores so pretty soon we will be seeing Christmas stuff (if they are not out in some stores yet).  Do you know what your color scheme is going to be for Christmas as yet….or am I the only one thinking so far ahead, lol.  I always know my color scheme for the following year from the previous year; because I buy them on sale the year before once Christmas is done.

From my last posting to now, it has been very much uneventful apart from fighting a cold that KO’d me. 🙁

I took a break from putting gel on my nails and started again last week. My color of choice was Hi Ho Silver by Sally Hansen. Here are some pictures of what it looked after application and here are some 6 days later. wpid-img_20150824_082210.jpg



Below is 6 days later (still going strong)




Oh I also went to a bridal shower for a coworker and just had to take a picture of the most beautiful shower cake I have seen. The cake wasn’t too sweet like I find is customary for them Spanish cakes. Edda’s Cake Design did the cake and they are located in South Florida of course.  My other coworkers also added some beautiful touches to the place, which I found to be so beautiful. Below are a few pictures which includes the cake and some table toppers.  Typically I never eat the lil goodies, but man this was Godiva chocolate, I just couldn’t resist, lol.  The roses in the little vase were scented and they added the trimming to the vase as well.





My remedy for fighting the cold has been some Crown Royal shots, chicken soup from my mom and some lentil soup from Villagio Restaurant.  I don’t know which one worked or just the rest that I took, but I am on the mend. One thing I will add about the lentil soup, although it was good, it was missing some dumplings and some neck bones (yeah, that is the St. Lucian in me saying this, lol)




Hope all is well with everyone.


Meli Mel

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