Truth or Flare-Essie

March 27, 2014

Hey yall…new colors to the stash. I recently stopped putting gel nail polish on again.  Sometimes you need to give it a break and let the nails breathe from all the hoopla that the professionals do.  But alas, I couldn’t keep my nails without a color.  I love seeing purrtyyy colors.  I stopped in at Walgreens and found this nice blue (been in a blue color lately) polish from Essie.

After getting a little homemade manicure and pushing back my cuticles, I applied thin layer of base coat, two layers of polish, then top coat.  After a few seconds I applied the drops.  Nails were dry to the touch.  Polish went on very smoothly, nothing like a brand new bottle of polish eh.





All Essie products that I used on my nails.  Base Coat, Truth or Flare, Top Coat and Quick Dry.  I have always been skeptical about these quick dry thingies, but truth be told, it worked like a charm.  So let’s see how long this polish lasts before I have to reapply.

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