Once you go black, you can go back :)

March 23, 2014

Who said once you go black you can’t go back…yeah I know I wrote about it before but I now know that is not all that true. Past few weeks I have been getting the itch for change and decided to change my color into something different.  It didn’t come out as I planned but still got a little lighter than how I walked in.

It took the hairstylist a very long time to get somewhat of a desired effect.  It is very hard to color hair lighter when it has any sorts of black or dark color on it.  The new growth got the desired color I wanted but the rest was very difficult to take even after like 1 hour of peroxide on my hair 🙁 That in itself is a no-no but my hair is very resilient so I didn’t care.

Anyway this is how it looks right now and I am hoping that it will get lighter every time I go back .


As you can see there are still some traces of the black but I am liking that it is not fully black.  This was also my first time getting this two-strand twist which I am still sporting, a whole week later. I will do an update once I let down my curls.



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