Battling Dry Scalp

I am trying to remember back when I had the creamy crack if I ever suffered with dry scalp and can’t really remember.  But now, I swear my scalp is always dry especially the front.  Dry and big scales too..Initially I thought I had psoriasis but I don’t. I have even been tempted to cut out my locs because I hate seeing all the scales, and it makes me want to shampoo my hair everyday.  That is a no-no for me because for one I hate the hair dryer and if I don’t use the hairdryer, my hair would take at least 2-3 days minimum to air dry..

I am in the process of trying another product because I am really wondering if it was the last unknown product that was recently used by the loctitian that is really causing the extreme dryness that I am experiencing right now.  I just ordered Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter, so wish me luck when I do try it, maybe I will do a review of it.  Right now to moisturize, I use castor oil and some tea tree oil and somehow that still don’t prevent the dryness. 🙁

So for my loc sisters out there, what do you use in your hair to keep the scalp moisturized?


Meli Mel

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