Time to catch up!!

Hi all,

Time is sure flying by…we are already in September, pretty soon it would be Christmas…..the kiddos are back in school (TG, lol).  I am still recuperating from my knee surgery which sadly to say got infected. (I won’t put pics up of that one at all, not looking to scare y’all from visiting my blog, lol).  But the surgery has brought out another side of me…the girly-girl that just wants to wear dresses all the time to work.

I used to be strictly dress pants and nice shirts to work or on my off day anything that don’t require ironing.  From since the surgery, I felt more comfortable wearing shorter dresses that won’t rub on the wound.  Now being on a budget or maybe I should say cheap (frugal) lol, I wanted some sheath dresses or anything nice but didn’t want to exceed a certain price.  I decided to go to Marshalls since I had a giftcard from there and went straight to my favorite rack (yeah, you guessed it, CLEARANCE)…lo and behold staring me in the face were these cute little numbers below for $5, and $7…now dais my kinna prices self yes…grabbed a couple of them, went into fitting room and left only one :(, passed by Shoe Section and got 3 sandals for $6.50, $10 and $16.  I felt like I had stolen from the people when everything I got (Ms. Charlie just had to get 2 items too, can’t bring that child to shop with you at all) came to $83.00…Here are my finds, don’t they look cute:



I went back this weekend past to look for more at the same price, but I couldn’t find any…was a bit disappointed you know…Granted they were still great prices, but dammit man, I wanted some more $5 and $7 dresses, lol.

I even did my nails too. And I will swear by this color from now on, because everytime I apply my polish, it would last like a couple of days, but this one lasted a whole week (that is a record for me)….Essie Island Hopping



Idleness two weeks ago had me apply these from Maybelline and Essie….although they were cute, I didn’t like the rough feeling they had…It felt like sequins in polish and to really look nice, I had to apply many coats..the colors were Essie Mink Muffs (brownish looking one), Maybelline Dotty Polka Dots and Maybelline  Clearly Spotted:


What have you guys been up to? How was y’all summer? Who traveled, where did y’all go?

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