New polishes to the stash

Hey all,

How have everyone been? I am here still recovering from my knee surgery and doing some dreaded physical therapy.  It has been a slow progress but it is getting there.

Anyway, I stopped at Walgreen’s to pick up my son’s asthma medication and some Cortizone 10 for that sweet itch around the incisions for myself and just couldn’t resist the urge to pass in the beauty section. (It gets me all the time).

So on my run, I got 4 bottles of polish and a Sally Hensen Hard as Nails Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel & Nylon polish.  My nails can be weak at times since I am in the water constantly, so I figured let me give this a try without the hassle of having to wear gloves every time I am in the kitchen.

Then we went shopping this weekend and stopped at a beauty supply store and saw some Essie for $4.99. (I can’t pass that up, not when Walgreen’s have Essie for $7.99 and up)…so I got 3 more bottles of polish…giving me a total of 8 polish in less than 2 days…(doh judge me, I love nail polish)

Nail PolishFrom left to right we have: Blazed (Wet n Wild), French White (Wet n Wild), Barbados Blue (Essie), St. Lucia Lilac (Essie and my fav, y’all know I bias), Island Hopping (Essie), Coffee (Sinful Colors), Unicorn (Sinful Colors).

Tried the St. Lucia Lilac and the French White on the ring finger then coated it with the Hard as Nails today, so let’s see how long it is going to last before it starts to chip.

StLuciaLilacWill update soon with new colors, I feel to try them on already.





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