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Hey all,

I have been receiving emails and also many people have stopped to ask me about my hair care regime.  To be honest, I don’t really have one per se.  I shampoo sometimes every two weeks, sometimes I shampoo once a month.  I don’t retwist my hair all the time when I shampoo though, I have been twisting like once a month now.

It takes a lot from me to shampoo my hair, because I have thick hair and to top it off I do not like the dryer so I have to air dry.  So redoing my hair is a weekend affair.  I tend to shampoo my hair on a Friday before work sometimes and put it up to go to work.  It stays wet the whole day, even goes into Saturdays.  On the Saturday I would let it down to let the breeze through and if I intend to retwist, I would do it on the Sunday or sometimes I just braid small sections to wear it curly without retwisting.

I use the Jamaican Mango & Lime Collection for everything.  I have tried many different products for my locs and their product seems to work best without any buildup or drying of my hair.  Their shampoo is very refreshing and cool on the scalp and the conditioner has this nice textured feeling to it that makes my hair feel very soft even after I have washed it out.

These are my staple products after a shampoo: wax for retwisting (palm roll technique) and I spray some No More itch spray once my hair is fully dry to the scalp…this I do at least twice a day.  In all honestly I don’t spend much time on my hair, to me that defeats my purpose of getting locs.

Staple Products


This is my style I am sporting for the next few weeks:  In the first one, after I palm-rolled my locs, I gathered like 6 of them and plaited dem together, then put a little black rubber band at the end.  Sprayed some No More Itch on my scalp and left it to air dry completely.  Next morning, took off the bands and let it loose, nice wavy curls…like I said earlier low maintenance.


Plaited locs

loose waves

Hopefully I have answered some of my readers questions and help you somewhat on your loc journey….oh and every other morning I had some leave in moisturizer and use the no itch spray on my scalp…at nights I tie my hair down with one of my silk wraps and presto….This is my hair regime!



Meli Mel




1consciousrasta you alive meh bredda…hope all is well


Wow your air is growing longer and longer, and looking really healthy.


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