The kids are going back to school, yay!

It is a new school year and while most parents are sending all their kids out to face this new school year, I sent out only 1 to enter her junior year of high school.  My other higher schooler child (son) is going to be home-schooled this year.  My husband and I started looking into home-schooling from last year and this summer we did a trial run with it for catching up on two subjects.  It is and was a bit of challenge getting him to follow and stay on task but he is slowly getting there.  Our reason for home-schooling is that he needed personal attention that we felt the school could not provide and we could not afford to send him to private school.  It also gives me a sense of security that he is home and staying out of trouble with the school or if there is any danger he is not involved in it (my son is also a very opinionated child that stays in problems with the school because he always voices his opinion). My daughter on the other hand is in the Cambridge program and didn’t want to do home-school and since school works for her, she remained there.

There are alot of advantages to home-schooling and I believe people will do what works for them.  I have had a few people give me the side-eye but these same people won’t dare voice their opinion on my choice, neither are these parents even involved in their child education nor extra-curricula activities.  In my household we are as involved as we can be short of doing our children school work, (I promise we let them do that themselves).  We have set up a schedule for our home-schooler and although he has assigned teachers to the program that we are using, we still do reinforcement to anything he does not understand and we can see everything that he does; while when he was in school it was very difficult because most times the teachers jumped all over the place in the books and there was no set schedule.  So yes home schooling works for us, it may not work for you but it does for us!

If given the opportunity, would you home school your kids?


Meli Mel

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