FreaksMas Presents Carnival Is…for Miami Carnival 2018


Dem costumes a little too hot for me to parade in a park oui…dais road costumes for me to parade with all my splendor but dais just me.  See their selections below and visit their website to see more options of the costumes and of course prices, which range from $290 to $1350 and also to see their men costumes.

Freaksnymas For Miami Carnival 2018





Carnival is…..Fantasy FL with feather backpack
Fantasy Ultra 1 with feather illuminated backpack
Fantasy Midline with illuminated backpack and necklace


Rudeness Frontline
Midline & Backline
Strongeh Frontline
Backline & Male
Love Ultra Frontline
Love Midline & Backline
Xtascy Frontline & Backline

Woman Super Frontline
Woman Frontline & Backline
Bacchanal FL
Bacchanal Midline monokini
Bacchanal Backline
Bacchanal Backline
Bacchanal Midline


Vibez Male and Frontline
Backline corset
Revelry Midline
Revelry Backline


Meli Mel

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