758 Soca 2016

Hey yall, if most of you are like my hubby and I that looks everywhere for St. Lucian soca, Jeanelle Knight has done a very wonderful job by creating a website with all the music she can find for 2016.  Check it out at the link below:!home/mainPage You can even download and contact her if you need any particular song and according to her it's ALL IN THE NAME OF BACCHANAL! Thanks once again Jeanelle. xoxoxo Meli Mel

Featured Artist: Sergie

Although she is busy preparing for the upcoming season and also preparing for Soca Switch I had the pleasure of preparing this interview with the talented Sergie.   ML: Tell us about Sergie, when did you enter the musical field? S: My name is Sergia Charles and I am from the beautiful community of Ti Rocher in Micoud. I began singing professionally about 5 years ago after I participated in and won the Piton Soca Starz competition in 2011. ML: What…

Insaniti Carnival Band Prices for 2016

The wait is finally over....Insaniti has released their costume prices...not bad at all. For my non-Caribbean revelers based in US the prices are all in EC dollars.  Contact the band to give you the USD price if interested...(I do my own conversion;  $2.67 EC = 1 US Dollar; eg. $1350/2.67 = $505 US. So get in line people and start registering. Here are a few of their links: Insaniti Facebook Insaniti Instagram   xoxoxo Meli Mel

Toxik Carnival Band 2016 Costumes

Carnival in de air boy.... Toxik had their launch yesterday April 17th with their theme being The Uprising.  Here are a few of their pics of the costumes: Rebirth (VIP) Breaking Dawn Defiance Resurrection The Uprising Check out their Facebook page for more detailed pictures and to get information on registration and pricing details. Toxik Carnival Facebook xoxoxo Meli Mel