Y’all know what time it is already! Carnival season and the party start. My mommy made it this year, but I know y’all miss & love me, so I’ll be doing the writing.

Today, we at W.O.W

It started raining earlier so I know everybody will be late.

We reach. Okay, paraphernalia. Ring lights, fans! Another cup to add to the collection my mother will tell me I cannot keep. WOW. Not us opening the fete.

Drinks on entry.

One thing they never miss with the theme. WOW

The place is decorated very well. I was concerned about the venue change, but as usual, I am WOW’d!

AA I get to paint! I’m in a happy place!

Okay, lemme go check for my belly. I’ll start my chat after my belly full.. Y’all, why I take the people oysters, and now I checking it have bacon. AA the lady couldn’t give me a lil sauce for my fish. Nah I thought I could eat it without the sauce but it a lil dry. But the quinoa knocking. Big up them for the healthy options.

Okay belly fully bumbum glad. time to drinkkk!

Weh them grannies going. They don’t even look like they tried to be in theme.

Lmaoo the Wypipo is really freeing up themselves lol

It is early still, so the bad behavior eh start yet.

For the most part everyone looking good but I cyah stand the people that can’t stick to the theme chpz. Some people looking like dey dress to go to town and just end up here.

YAll it hottttttt but this venue a little more spacious so they have a little breeze

I like my old school vibes eh but it’s carnival no reggae no dancehall please

We have too much soca chpz

Okay snack time I see they have popcorn

DYP performing now and de vibes good real good

Who tell them people put things on our table aa

Trust my friends to be nice and give space. Y’all know I savage already

2024 and y’all still want to palance. Doh upset me deh


Gingerrail and shandy. AA dey make that song for my mommy lol (mummy is editing to post and gave this line a side eye eh)

Kisha coming on. Okay lemme go to the bathroom cause I cannot stand her yelling

AA, where did that wind come from? Look at the bouncy castle flying

That girl still performing chpz

It’s raining a good thing I came inside. AA where the music go? What is happening there? The rain mashing up the place

First time I see people running from rain

Mad people segment for true. Run in the rain lol not me eh. Cause I’ll have to take out my hair for true. Okay I pin up my hair leh we fete

AA no way the Hennessy finish.

Jah all that work to get a lil drink. I try to pull rank and still had to wait. Hate that for me

Again with the dancehall chpz

Rain stop; fete pick back up.

Yeh dennery segmenttttttt now I need a lil bouyon

AA grandpa getting it good there

Alright, it’s time to go home lol check people pull tongue; go at y’all home

Party doneeeeeeee!

Lemme go at my home

Y’all I watching videos on WOW IG and there was a whole candy station I miss! I vexxxx. They had popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones. Real carnival/ delirium vibes.

As always WOW was WOW!

Till de next fete. Enjoy de likkle pics we took.



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