J4F Carnival Band


Squats Challenges

I am still reeling from J4F models booty and I know I am not the only one.  So in addition to the abs workout I posted yesterday here are some squats too.  I have one for beginners and one that is more advanced.  In December I did the more advanced one and didn't complete because I was more focused on eating Christmas food instead (no judgment please) and lawd it was tough.  So this time around I will be trying…

AB Workout

I found this AB workout on Pinterest and it looks way simpler and easier than some others that I have seen. I am sharing with you guys but remember it is not only about working out as well, you also have to eat healthy. In between the sets I will also be doing some squats. (Got to get that booty in order after seeing dem J4F models).   Why stop at 24 days though, go ahead and continue, then rinse…

Live Streaming of J4F Band Launch

Supposedly the link below should be the live streaming of the launch.  Please be patient and my apologies in advance if it doesn't show. I don't control this, wish I did because we would all be watching de people starting to line up in de fete all now so...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTCUcr88P3w xoxoxo Meli Mel