Squats Challenges

February 2, 2016

I am still reeling from J4F models booty and I know I am not the only one.  So in addition to the abs workout I posted yesterday here are some squats too.  I have one for beginners and one that is more advanced.  In December I did the more advanced one and didn’t complete because I was more focused on eating Christmas food instead (no judgment please) and lawd it was tough.  So this time around I will be trying the beginners then move onto the advanced one.

This is the beginner one:


These are some more advanced ones and by day 2 you will really feel the burn….but no pain no gain is what I say:



Here is a video of doing squats the right way:


And remember guys to warm up before doing any form of exercise.  When I did the more advanced squats, I found doing 50 squats in one go was ridiculous, so I did 25 then took a 6 second break then did the rest.

Let’s get dem booty’s popping ladies.


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