gel manicure and pedicure


New Color Alert: Grape Jelly

Stepping out more and more out of my comfort zone.  Color this week is DND581, Grape Jelly. Although I like the color, I am not happy with the nail job.  I hate when these nail techs put their appointments so close to each other and then rush when they get short on time.  I am even more annoyed cause I gave the tech a nice little tip too and after closer inspection of my nail, I see plenty places that…

New Color Alert: Creamy Peach by DND

This week's color is still on the neutral side and according to my daughter the safe side. Sometimes I wish to delve into some wild or bright color but that is just not my style (I like being in my comfort zone). The first born and I had a mani-pedi date today, it wasn't a going dutch either kinna date, it was a momma paying for it all date, smh. The pictures do not do this color justice at all,…

New Color Alert: Season Beige by DND

So after almost 2 years of not visiting the nail salon, I decided to give it a try again. Remember my last ordeal here. This time around, I have decided to take little breaks in between and let my natural nail breathe instead of continuous visits.   So for my reentry (if you want to call it that, or my prodigal journey back) I chose a safe color and length. Wish me luck. (Don't worry, y'all will be getting updates) xoxoxo…

New Color Alert: Ferrari Red

My color for this Memorial Day weekend is by DND (of course) called Ferrari Red...I wanted a more reddish look though, in the pics below it looks red but to me in person it has an orange undertone....I still like it but I was feeling a little naughty and red screams naughty and sexy at the same time. Hope you guys have a restful Memorial Day...doh fete or drink too much.. xoxoxo Meli Mel