FreaksMas Presents Carnival Is…for Miami Carnival 2018

  Dem costumes a little too hot for me to parade in a park oui...dais road costumes for me to parade with all my splendor but dais just me.  See their selections below and visit their website to see more options of the costumes and of course prices, which range from $290 to $1350 and also to see their men costumes. Freaksnymas For Miami Carnival 2018         [caption id="attachment_4287" align="aligncenter" width="706"] Carnival is.....Fantasy FL with feather backpack[/caption]…

Karma Carnival with FreaksMas for Labor Day 2017 (NY)

Chapter Five...."All the warning signs were there but he was too mesmerized to realize the snake lurking in the grass...." Once again, Karma Carnival has teamed up with FreaksMas for Labor Day 2017.  Their section is called Atheris and the band portrayal is The Forbidden Garden.  Here are a few pics of Karma's portrayal and the different selection that they are offering. Follow Karma Carnival on their instagram for more information on registration and pricing details..KarmaCarnival IG xoxoxo Meli Mel

Karma for Miami-Broward Carnival 2016

For those of you still looking for a band to play with for Miami Carnival 2016, then look no more; Karma Carnival Band presents KISKADEE, an exclusive section with Freaksmas for Miami carnival 2016. For more information, check out their Facebook page Karma Carnival Facebook and also Freaks Mas website:Freaksnymas Website. So doh stick and click the following link to register: KarmaCarnival Miami 2016 Registration Form xoxoxo Meli Mel

Karma Carnival with FreaksMas for Labor Day 2016 (NY)

For Labor Day 2016, Karma Carnival will be having a section with Freaks Mas.  Their section is called Navajo and they will be doing it different; no "Frontline or Backline" per se; they are doing a create your own look.  So you basically choose whatever options you want...if you want to have your big head-piece that will make you feel that you jumping front-line and have a plain bra, then yeah that is your choice. Check out some of their…