St. Lucia Carnival Day 2 Review

And this is why I jump with J4F and always in the Indulgence Section.  Management always takes the advice of their revelers….revelers say more local music and boy did we get local music. My last day on the road was EPIC, I normally enjoy myself more on the last day because I am not restricted by a big headpiece or a backpack. Granted we left Mega J late and I felt like the music truck was flying down the road, but it was still a great time. The weather held up pretty well for a while but it was a much needed rain that came down eventually. I was so happy that I didn’t have anything with feathers to make me look like a wet chicken.

Music was on point this time around and the DJ’s weren’t talking as much as they did on Monday on our truck. One of my most memorable moment, was when we got near Vigie and we got treated to some Ferrands Diary cream-sicles…I haven’t had a cream-sicle in favorite is custard so yall know I tore it up on the road, wanted to go back for seconds but didn’t want to look greedy, lol.

To seal the day, the Indulgence section went on a boatride while the other sections had to go back to Mega J, wish I heard didn’t happen but they did take another jump around town. We partied like 3 hours on the boat; the music was absolutely de best is all I going to say about that because.….WHAT HAPPENS ON THE BOAT, STAYS ON THE BOAT!

All in all I had an EPIC time with J4F and next year I bringing plenty people back with me….a group from NY is already asking when is carnival happening next year.  Once again thank you management for having us and a special shout out to Mr Roston Taylor….the best band/section leader I have ever met in my carnival life…

So until next year folks…enjoy some pics:

IMG_20150721_125410 IMG_20150721_125434 IMG_20150721_125451 IMG_20150721_125953 IMG_20150721_140600 IMG_20150721_140607 IMG_20150721_140631 IMG_20150721_140637 IMG_20150721_140647 IMG_20150721_140656 IMG_20150721_143556 IMG_20150721_143602 IMG_20150721_143604 IMG_20150721_143627 IMG_20150721_165649 IMG_20150721_165911 IMG_20150721_170150 IMG_20150721_170157 IMG_20150721_170212 IMG_20150721_170401 IMG_20150721_170419 IMG_20150721_170429


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