Day 1 St. Lucia Carnival Review

Lemme start by saying, if you weren’t on island or you here and didn’t jump with Just4Fun, then you losing out.

We got to Mega J after 10 am and met up with the band by Sagicor, Just 4 Fun was the first band on the road, which in one way was good and also not good. Many revelers attended Jab Jab so they were late getting to the band.

This is going to be short somewhat eh, my hands not tired but ah tired, lol…..

Now although I had a time in the band, for a minute I thought I was in Port of Spain, once again de amount of Trini music I hearing….I understand that the band Yuma out of Trinidad had some folks in there but for God’s sake man….we are in St. Lucia not Trinidad….same way when I go Trini I doh hear dem playing no Lucia music to cater to me so why we have to cater to other people….There is enough music in the Caribbean to be playing a mixture of all and the majority of it being Lucian music. Of course they had to drop their favorite song, “Palance”, just can’t win with dem dj’s.

Now to be counteractive; Lucian artists it is time yall step up to the plate and put out more music and put it out early in the game too. I don’t think that we are lacking in the music sector that bad for the dj’s to keep resorting to playing Trini music.

Now the road experience despite the music was phenomenal….this is the first time for the route and whoever made that decision I will commend you on it. Only part was when we were heading back on the highway, we had to wait for the other revelers to pass, although it gave a bit of us time to socialize. After doing the city circuit, we headed back to Mega J and I must say if anybody had ever ask me to walk to Mega J and back I would have cussed them, but I sure chipped up and down….12 miles or so I am thinking.

Jumping with J4F and especially the Indulgence section was de best (I doh want to talk about them too much, next thing everyone start flocking to MY section, lol). This section was the VVIP and was roped in from the other revelers, separated with their own music and food truck. We had runners getting our drinks and also serving fruits and food (lawd dat bake and salt-fish was knocking).

One thing I will say, J4F doh let de Trinis take over our band how dem do in other countries please and thanks!

Until tomorrow or Wednesday, depends how mash up I go be. But people next year yall shouldn’t be on the sidelines awaiting my review, come and join de baddest and best band in St. Lucia…J4F!

Oh one thing, more local music and not too much old old ones either please!  Stop playing it safe DJ’s and drop it on us nuh.

Some pics:

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Meli Mel


Maybe I am misunderstanding your comment. But how will “TRINIS” take over the bands? Are there too many TRINIS jumping in st lucia? I understand that Lucian music should be played and nothing else. I hope TRINIS never make these comments about tourists on our shores for carnival.


No not trinis jumping, we welcome everyone to come jump. I am talking about trinis in the business aspect. It is one thing to partner with them but for example look at Baje in Barbados, that is run over with Trinis and it is so bad most locals can’t get in to Baje.


I now understand what you mean. I am not sure what goes on behind the scenes with the bands. If that is so it is not right. Personally I got turned off from cropover because of the overdoing it of TRINI promoters in the fete sector. ( so many fetes imported now) I feel like when In BIM I want to WUK up and give my money to the locals promoters (but that is just me and im 110% trini). I miss the the old cropover days when it was more BAJAN so to speak. I do look forward to playing MAS in st lucia and i am grateful for the reviews. I stalked the online stream on choice TV and I cannot waitfor 2016. Thanks again for your review. Reviews like this help newbies get an idea what to Look for!


You should definitely come for 2016, link me if you need help in planning and getting here…i will do a post of places to stay and things to do while in St. Lucia later on to help newbies.


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