St. Lucia Carnival 2016 Prep :)

Now that the event calendar for 2016 St. Lucian Carnival is out, I think this post is fitting for where to stay and other little tidbits. (Yeah I know it early to prep but I like to plan things in advance.)

First let me put some events:

EVENT                                                   DATE                       VENUE

Carnival Launch                                5/15/2016                   Samaans Park

U4Ria                                                  7/7/2016                 Gaiety on Rodney Bay

King and Queen of the bands         7/14/2016               National Cultural Center

Panorama                                           7/15/2016              Beausejour Cricket Ground

Sexy In Black                                      7/15/2016             Gaiety on Rodney Bay

Calypso Finals                                    7/16/2016             Beausejour Cricket Ground

Groovy Finals                                     7/17/2016            Beausejour Cricket Ground

Jab Jab Fete                                       7/17/2016             Gaiety on Rodney Bay

Power Soca Monarch                       7/17/2016             Beausejour Cricket Ground

J’Ouvert                                               7/18/2016             Castries City Circuit

Carnival Monday and Tuesday   7/18 & 7/19/2016         Choc Roundabout to Castries

In between there will be band parties which I will update when they are released.  For an in-depth event listing you can visit

Now on to places to stay.  This list is of places where I have personally stayed or friends of mine have stayed and gave good reviews.  This is not saying that there are not many other hotels where you can stay but these are those that I got recommendations from.  My personal choice is any of the Bay Gardens chain.  My husband and I are frequent guest of the Hotel and we love it.

Bay Gardens Resort –

Bay Gardens Hotel –

Bay Gardens Inn –

Poinsettia Apartments –

Coco Palm Resort –

Rex Resorts –

Places to eat:

Spinnakers –


This was so yummy!


Triangle (no website, but they are located in Rodney Bay)




Cafe Fresh  –







Plante’s Place (no website, but they are located in Dennery).  This is the first and last place to stop when you are entering and leaving the country.


Also there are many other places that you can eat, but these are places that I personally have tried and I loved it.

Other little tidbits 🙂

And ladies if you want to get dolled up for carnival day, make an appointment with Andra Allen-Joseph of Planet Stiletto Beauty for fabulous makeup and also eyelash extensions.  People she is the real deal when it comes to those Novalashes.  Check out her Instagram:



The middle is before and the top and bottom are after (excuse meh oily face, eh)


For fishnet stockings that won’t run (well mine didn’t), you can visit

For boots or shoes design, check out these wonderful ladies (btw, they are not in St. Lucia but will work with everyone)


My boots before and after


Corset for Tuesday Wear


Okay this post just made me hungry.

I hope this post helps any one of you that are looking forward to going to St. Lucia for 2016 and of course remember to jump in the best carnival band out there….Just4Fun ( 



Okay now I was planning on coming to St. Lucia for my “after Trini Carnival cool down” but the way you painted this picture in my mind, I might just have to touch the Lucian carnival instead. I’m a solo traveller but I would love to join a group that will be attending… any suggestion?


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