St. Lucia Carnival 2016 Review

I don’t know whether to classify this as my best carnival because I have blistered toes or what.  In my life of jumping carnival I have never had blistered toes; so it could be the boots were too tight or de vaval was just vibes.  But anyway, de vaval was vibes.  Whoever started this Mega J to Mega J doh; lawd this was pace and I literally had my cheering squad to tell me don’t think about it just put on those big girl panties and march on….da pressure.

Despite my costume rough start and the loss of one of the management team, everything was fabulous with Just4Fun at the fetes and on the road.  I commend them on the effort made despite the sadness on creating an enjoyable memory for the revelers.  The one thing I had miss on de road was de custard cream-sicles doh 🙂  This year the finger foods were very impressive too, I only ate bakes and saltfish though because I think that is the best thing to eat on the road when you drinking rum and in the sun eh.

The VVIP bar was stock with all kinds of alcohol, including Amaretto, so yall know I was in my glory since this has now become my drink of choice.  As usual the runners in the section was on point and catered to everyone, despite one trying to kill me by bringing me some nasty ass Campari…. 🙂

Breakfast fete and Remedy was bessssss.  The sun at Breakfast fete was a killer though but Remedy, oh lort that was fete.  The vibes, the atmosphere and the location was great.  Although they were in the same location as last year, Pigeon Point, it was moved to another spot and somehow it looked bigger.  I have decided this year to not talk too much about the DJ’s because nothing much is going to change about them; they love to hear their damn voice!   Ah going back to Breakfast Fete; Levi Chin redeemed himself in my eyes by playing a whole set of local music with less talking and that was de best part of the Breakfast fete…Pure old and new St. Lucian music…what more can you ask for at St. Lucia Carnival right….

Some of my pics are courtesy of Avie Biscette (thanks for allowing me to tief your pics since I was so busy being a bacchanalist)

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I have another album that I putting together of all fetes with some videos too.

Disclaimer: Anyone caught in any slackness doh blame me eh, iz cahnival hehehehe.  And oh I tief de pics with permission, so get permission before tiefing eh.


Meli Mel


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