Eyelash Extensions Horror Story

So last year I got my eyelash extensions done by Planet Stilettobeauty and I loved it.  I felt more radiant and personally I felt that I didn’t even have to put on makeup, the eyelashes just made my face pop.  So this year I decided I wanted to do it again but waited till last minute (yeah, I procrastinated) and tried to book the fabulous diva Andra, to no avail…..she was booked.


(2015 Novalashes by Andra of Planet Stiletto Beauty)

I was a bit disappointed but said hey you live in Florida, you must get someone to do your eyelashes here.  So after some searching and reading reviews, I got a Groupon deal for a place called iLash and Skin Care.  Called to make an appointment and everything seemed all good.  The place was nice, smelled good, nice setup, I was happy.  I was lead to a separate room where they did the extensions and where you chose what length and what not.  We settled in with some light music and the therapist went to work.  She was done in like 45 minutes or so which should have raised my alarms one time but shrugged it off as nothing.  I called my husband when I was done and he goes wow that was fast, you took longer when you went to Andra and once again we both shrugged it off.

I went to work the next day batting my lashes like there is no tomorrow; all my lady coworkers going go-gaga over it and wanting to know where I did it (of course I told them the place and even showed them the groupon deal to get it cheaper, cause regularly it is $140.   Fast foward to the day that I am travelling.  While on the airport my husband found that my eyes were red but we were thinking is because I didn’t sleep well the night before and getting up early to go to the airport was the cause, so he bought Clear Eyes for me. (I have this phobia of missing a flight b4 I travel so I can never sleep well the night b4).  Pictured below is me on the airport trying to rest.

IMG_20160713_084145770(aren’t they just popping)

Anyway, we get to St. Lucia and everything seemed fine, eyes still a bit red, and I’m still thinking because I slept on the plane and I have my contacts in.  Cleared through Immigration, met my chica and went to look for food.  While seating at the restaurant, my girlfriend goes, there is something white on your eyelid and she and my husband is trying to blow it away, to no avail.  So I went to the washroom and after investigation, saw some boil like thingy on my upper lid.  I am panicking, cause I am practically blind already and thinking oh God I will lose my eyesight.  When we got to the hotel, I placed vaseline on my eyelids to see if the lashes would fall out, cause I was told I could not pull them out….of course nothing happened.

Next day I ended up going to the doctor to find out that I had an allergic reaction to the glue that the therapist used, she placed the eyelashes too close to the under side of my lids.  I had to stop using my contacts and given Claritin and some drops until Carnival Tuesday, le sigh.

IMG_20160714_110611235(Left eye lid is swollen)



IMG_20160714_162847392(even after applying makeup, you could still see that it is swollen)

I swear all I wanted was to look fabulous for de Carnival season but didn’t think that cheating on my Andra would have caused this.  I have since learnt my lesson and know to book early with her if I do plan to put falsies again.  Luckily my normal lashes didn’t fall out and I still have some straggling lashes on my face still, while last year around this time I still had practically all the lashes on.

I won’t tell you not to get lash extensions but I will say it is wise to see if you are allergic to the glue that is used before you put them on.  This could have ended up worse and I could have had a miserable time while on vacation.

Funny part was the eye people telling me I can’t drink while taking the medicine….ummm is carnival, who does that?

So people don’t be like me, stick to who you know and don’t try new places eh!


Meli Mel

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