Review of Remedy 2016

July 17, 2016



This is going to be a short review…I have one word for this fete:


We got there late and had to get a shuttle to get there but it was all worth it.  Vibes despite de DJ dem playing rap, but he played a DMX so I go give he a bligh.

Remedy should just be a DJ and our local acts kinna fete, doh spend yall money and bring in outside artists cause Lucians are just not receptive to them.  Poor Destra plenty people wanted her off the stage, the same for 5Star Akil and it is not saying anything about Destra and her performance cause it was arrite, but Lucians are just some special people.

All in all, Remedy gets a 9/10, this has been my very best fete for the entire time.  Although Escape was good, this one was just a different vibe.

I have been really bad with taking pics but got a few videos which I will post later.





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