Spring Break

This year Spring Break was spent in South Carolina. It was a meet the grandparents trip for Mr. X and also a road trip for us. Our last trip to SC was 2 years ago, so we were all dying for a trip and for my hubby to see his parents. Mr. X was pretty good on the drive up, only got slighted irritated a few times due to his sleep schedule being all out of whack. The weather there was so bipolar. In the daytime it wasn’t really bad averaging around 60-70 degrees but night time it got really cool. We had one day of non-stop rain; it wasn’t heavy but just rained the whole day.

We visited Columbia and drove around the towns there and mostly relaxed at my in-laws. The plan was to take the kids to the museum or some historic site but we both just wanted to relax instead of driving all around. The kids were content with just running around outside in the huge backyard while messing with the dog.  I would totally move to SC if I was filthy rich, the place is so quiet and laid back even though everything is far off. I love quiet at times, just give me tv, internet and food and I would be good anywhere, lol.  I have a few photos of the quaint town we visited and just some random photos of some food being that it was my first time eating at Zaxby’s and Hardee’s they both were very yummy. IMG_20150323_152432 IMG_20150323_152648 IMG_20150324_101752 IMG_20150323_160119 IMG_20150323_160210 IMG_20150323_152541 IMG_20150326_132309 IMG_20150326_132313 IMG_20150326_132613 IMG_20150326_132208 IMG_20150326_132213 IMG_20150326_132239 IMG_20150326_132242 IMG_20150326_132156 IMG_20150326_132200 IMG_20150326_132203 IMG_20150326_132058 IMG_20150326_132120 IMG_20150326_132245 IMG_20150326_132309 IMG_20150321_162243 IMG_20150321_162222 IMG_20150321_153850 IMG_20150321_153854xoxoxo



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