Pregnancy and birthing ordeal

As many as you know, my son turned three months last week. This has been one of my best pregnancies but the worst delivery.  From the time that we got the confirmation that I was pregnant, I didn’t have the usual morning or I should say all day sickness.  My past pregnancies dealt with me spitting up all day long and literally walking with a spit cup (yuck yes I know).  During one of my pregnancies, I also had Bell’s Palsy; which to this day I still don’t feel that I have a straight smile then to top it off she was born prematurely.  The few things I had different with this one were:  sickness from eating chicken, smells from everything, drinking tea or anything sweet.  Hubby had to stop wearing cologne and I had to change my bathing soap. I also got to munching on almonds all day long and drinking alot of water.  Anybody that knows me should know I hate water and love tea.  My morning tea was replaced with water.  I gained a total weight of 171 lbs, the biggest I have ever been in my life and I loved it.  I was all baby and water though, because after delivery I was back down to my normal weight. 

My son was planned down to the date of delivery.  I used Pink Pad App to track my period and for when I was ovulating, so that I got it right. 🙂 I wanted to spend as much time home with my son and have the kids spend a little time with him.  So it was always planned that he would be born in December, so that when the kids got out on winter break they would get to bond with him for two weeks before going to school. (Granted these little buggers have a mind of their own, and will come out when they want to come not when we want them to come).

So let’s jump to my delivery month…Mr. X decided that he was taking forever and a day to get here, so I had to be induced after I was past my due date. My doctor had set up an early morning check-in, so by 5 am we were in the hospital.  We got all set up in the delivery room very quickly and was just awaiting the arrival of my doc to see how dilated I was…of course my cervix was still closed…Mr. X wasn’t trying to come out in this world at all.  I was then set up on Picotin about 8 am, a few hours later the pain started kicking in and all I could think of was where are the drugs.  I told my husband to get the nurse, cause I need some drugs or an epidural before it is too late.  I opted for morphine which ended up not doing anything at all…these pains were coming and coming hard and fast.  They called in another doctor to give me the epi, so with the nurse holding me up, he did his do…gosh I felt nothing at all after.  This was my first time getting an epidural and it would definitely be my last.  Apparently I moved while the doctor was sticking me and he said I had a wet tap.  Then came in my doctor to start the process of delivery, he broke my water and started telling me to push.  Now in my mind I am pushing but they keep insisting that I wasn’t..steups…yes I was flipping push man.  (This is why I would never have an epi, not like I am trying to have another child, you really do not feel anything at all).

So anyway my son was born a little after lunch, but I was too out of it to even hold him.  He was passed over to daddy and I was knocked out from the shakes. I was shaking uncontrollably that even the nurses were scared.  When I finally got out of it, my heart rate was very elevated so I had to be moved to the ICU while Mr. X was placed in the nursery.  After 24 hours of observation, with no explanation for the elevated heart rate, I was brought back into the normal room with a normal heart rate. CT scans, MRI’s and absolutely nothing to explain the elevated heart rate; but they did notice something else to have them refer me to an outside doctor to get checked up.  I now have to see this doctor every 6 months or so. Just before being discharged, I had the worst headache and neck ache; we attributed it to me sleeping badly and left it at that.  If only did we know that because I moved during the epidural was the reason I developed the headache.  I had this excruciating pain for like 3 days when I got home and the only remedy was laying flat on my back until it stopped; everytime I got up or sat up to feed the baby, I felt like I was going to die.  After we did some research, we realized that it was the side effect of the epidural and having a wet tap.  I had a spinal headache and people let me tell you, it was worse than the delivery itself.  That’s what I get for not being a trooper!  I also had some uncontrollable shakes and was sweating like hell…that I had no explanation for. Thank God for my husband and my mom being at home to help me during this time.  

So for any expectant moms out there, if you do decide to do the epi, please stay still and don’t move at all, whether it is voluntary or not. Luckily I wasn’t as bad as I have read online from other moms. I am now happily enjoying my growing baby boy. 


Meli Mel

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