New Hair Color

Remember last year, I said that once you go black you can go back well I have played with different colors like twice after that.  I think I have finally found my go to color.  I have also stepped out of my box, lol.

From as far back as I can remember I have always colored my hair orangy looking or cognac.  This time I decided to be adventurous and go reddish.

I originally wanted a brighter red but settled on Ruby Quake, well partly because the store did not have the color that I wanted, lol.  I got 4 boxes of the color and ended up using 3 boxes because the 4th box was opened and some wise fool took the color out of the box.  I still like the color that was achieved but wondered if I had use all 4 boxes how it would have turned out.

Product used:


Before pic:

During pics:

IMG_20150310_110731 IMG_20150310_110738

After pics:



Still see a few spots that can use some red, but I like the overall look of it none the less.


Meli Mel

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