Shared office space etiquette

Many companies are opting to share office spaces with either built in office cubicles, where there is a door for each cubicle but we still sharing the big space or half divider cubicles. Either or still means you do not have a lot of privacy and also have to be very discreet about things you do.

3 rules that I abide by since I am in a shared office space:

  1. Keep my private phone conversations out of the office space
  2. Keep my music low or to myself (use headphones)
  3. Keep smelly food out of the office space (certain fish is a no-no)

I have a coworker that follows none of these rules and it is the most annoying thing ever…drives everyone crazy especially me since we share a cubicle wall. If it is not funeral home music is some loud spanish music or spanish news…and while I don’t mind the spanish music or any music for that matter I think people should learn to be considerate of others. If I start dropping some reggae or some old school dub or some soca everyone would get annoyed especially if they are concentrating on their work. So please don’t be that asshole coworker if you are sharing cubicle space and use your damn headphones or lower your volume of your music.

Do any of you have annoying and loud coworkers? How do you deal with it?


Meli Mel

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