What is the fascination with baby showers?

Recently I was invited to a baby shower and despite me telling this person way before she was even pregnant that I don’t do nor do I believe in baby showers to never invite me to one. I guess she thought she had the magical touch to make me change my mind and still invited me to hers and send me a reminder after I ignored the first one…uhh no I don’t do showers and I am not coming to yours.

I personally find baby showers to be self-serving. Although I have had 3 forced upon baby showers that was a bit awkward because I already had everything that I needed that I bought for myself most of the guest who attended ended up giving cash since I had everything that I needed. My philosophy on baby showers is that I choose to get pregnant, so why would I ask people to gift me things. If someone chooses to give me something and I hope they would ask first since I tend to get everything that I want then that is fine, but the whole throwing a shower thing is so yuck.

I have taken a look at baby registries and I’m thinking b!!tch…da fuk you asking for all dem pricey ish for….if you want a $500 baby stroller then buy that ish yourself…you eh know people’s pockets…then I saw one person’s registry, she had 15 boxes of step 1 diapers, 15 boxes of step 2 diapers…I’m like damn girl you trying to make people supply all de diapers for your pickney….da fuk.

So my word of advise to any of my friends reading this, don’t feel no way if my invitation is “lost in the mail” to your baby shower because I ent coming anyway.


Meli Mel

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